Delivering agricultural solutions, protecting our planet’s resources.

Food brings us together and nourishes our lives. But everything we eat requires resources to produce. Land, water, energy and people are critical to putting food on our table.

At Monsanto, we’re focused on working with others to deliver agricultural solutions that address our biggest challenges – things like climate change and resource conservation - while sustaining the environment. It’s our way of helping protect the earth that feeds us.

Climate Change Mitigation and Farming

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges to global food security. Read about techniques farmers are using to mitigate the effects of climate change on their yields.

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The Power of Pollination: Why It's Essential to Our Plates

Our lives are impacted by pollinators every day—we just don't always know it! That's why Monsanto has partnered with universities, farmers, conservation groups and government agencies to protect and restore the habitats of honey bees, monarch butterflies and other pollinators.

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A GMO is a plant developed through a process in which a copy of a desired gene or section of genetic material from one plant or organism, such as the ability to use water more efficiently, is placed in another plant.

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Soil Conservation

We can grow more food, but we can’t grow more land. So how do we protect our planet and get the most out of every acre? It starts with healthy soil.

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