Monarch Habitats Are Only the Beginning

Growing milkweed in Middle America aids the monarch’s miraculous yearly migration across Mexico, the United States and Canada. Monsanto is devoted to working alongside others to spread the word and restore habitat not only for monarch butterflies, but all pollinators. With help from Pheasants Forever, Monsanto has planted habitats of milkweed, nectar plants and other pollinator-friendly surroundings. Over 70 of these habitats are being planted in support of monarch butterflies, honey bees, songbirds and other pollinators.

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Pollinators play a key role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Monsanto is honored to join countless others in sharing and educating local farmers and communities on the importance of restoring pollinator habitat throughout the United States—especially the Midwest.

Learn more about our commitment to milkweed, the monarch butterfly and biodiversity.