Data For Farmers

The data revolution is helping all of us make better decisions, and farmers are no exception. In the same way fitness trackers encourage us to exercise more, watch what we eat and get enough sleep, new mobile applications from Monsanto are helping farmers use more precise amounts of fertilizer, water and other resources.

Data For Consumers
For Consumers:

Fitness apps track movement to provide us with information about our health

Data For Farmers
For Farmers:

Farming apps track weather, planting and soil data to provide farmers information about the health of their crops

Knowledge is Key to Sustainability

Farmers have always been highly motivated to make sustainable choices about their crops. But a farm is an incredibly complex operation. Imagine trying to run a business that requires an intimate knowledge of hundreds—maybe thousands—of acres of land. Now imagine that business could be substantially affected at any moment by rain, hail, wind, drought or insects.

The bottom line is this: the more easily farmers can see and understand what’s happening (or about to happen) in every field, the better able they are to make sustainable choices.

They can plant more seeds in places where they’re most likely to thrive. They can use the right amount of fertilizer to produce the most food. They can scout their fields remotely and address issues before they become problems that might reduce the amount the plant produces.

Farmers Now Have a Decision Support Tool, Right in Their Pockets

The Climate FieldView™ application is a software application developed by The Climate Corporation, a subsidiary of Monsanto. Farmers use the Climate FieldView application on computers, smartphones and tablets to get a unified view of their field. The app uses farmers’ inputs and data science to give farmers insights about their farm that help them to make smarter decisions.

“I think farmers have always been environmentally conscious, but using Climate FieldView Pro to support our management decisions helps us maintain profitability while also being environmentally responsible.”
Ken Dalenberg, Illinois Farmer
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