BellaFina Pepper

These colorful, crisp and sweet-tasting peppers are one-third the size of a regular bell pepper, making them a versatile option for appetizers and main dishes. BellaFina® peppers are an excellent source of vitamin C, and because of their small size, can help cut down on food waste

Picking the Perfect Pepper

Pepper breeder Scott Milligan explains how his work helps fill your produce aisle with crisp, tasty peppers that are perfect for stuffing while reducing waste. Using conventional breeding and years of patience, our breeders select veggies with the best characteristics for your meals.

From Seed to Table

Americans love bell peppers. They add the perfect flavor and crunch to any dish and can even serve as an edible container for stuffing. In fact, peppers are the fifth most-popular vegetable in the produce aisle.¹ So how exactly do these precious peppers go from a tiny seed to the grocery store? Here’s a look at how growers at Bailey Farms, a pepper farm in South Florida, get their baby bell peppers to grocery stores.

¹According to the Department of Agriculture.